Personal Branding:

What is it?

Personal branding is when you take control of image and reputation you have in public. Personal branding is the process of establishing, monitoring and nourishing your value, image and reputation, as an individual, in the market. It’s when you set a standard for yourself and showcase it in public as a valuable offer.

What does it do?
  • Establishes your value.
  • Establishes your identity.
  • Establishes your unique selling proposition (USP).

Together, these things tell people who you are, what you’re worth, and why they should invest in you. Too many people, myself included at one point, depend on their skills, education and experience as a personal brand. Trust me, if anything, that sounds like an in-house, off-brand product. Now, there’s nothing wrong with being an in-house, off-brand employee, but it’s awfully hard to move around an industry if no one understands why they should hire you.

Why is it important?

The clearer and more salient you are in the marketplace, the greater your chances for work and collaboration. In other words, the more you clearly stand out against your competition, the greater the chances people will want to hire and/or work with you.

How do I start?

Great questions, and I’ll be answering that in the next article. Stay tuned!