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Turbo Media Miami is a design and branding agency dedicated to helping small businesses and non-profit organizations succeed in the digital age.

As technologists and storytellers at heart, our mission is to help build your brand by creating a unique narrative and engaging digital experience.


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Brand Strategist & Designer

As a tech enthusiast and communications professional with a passion for people, storytelling and design, I want to bring the best of modern technology, digital media, and strategic communication together to form comprehensive, profitable, and authentic brands.

I hold a B.S. in Mass Communication and an M.S. in Strategic Communication from Florida International University, in addition to over a decade of experience in the IT industry.

I believe we all have something to give – someway to contribute to the betterment of our world.

I love collecting stories and moments across cultural borders in order to gain a fuller understanding of the human experience. I use these experiences to create powerful stories that create authentic human connections between people and brands.

I earned a B.A. in English Language and Literature at Florida International University in Miami, FL, with studies in Pre-Soviet Czech Literature completed at Charles University in Prague, CZ.

Every person has a story to tell… and every story is important.

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Content Strategist & Copywriter

What We’re Built On


The act of passing on information in relatable, repeatable ways has been humanity’s greatest asset. We use this powerful form of communication to build genuine connections that resonate with your audience.


The best relationships just “click.” They connect, spark and grow seamlessly — fluidly — reaching untold potential in growth, improvement and impact. These are the connections we want to foster by helping create authentic, genuine brands.


The best way to begin and continue to foster authentic relationships is to remain relevant. Our strategies account for and center around current trends in culture, communication, and technology in order to stay cutting-edge.

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As technologists and storytellers at heart, our mission is to help build your brand by creating an unique narrative and engaging digital experience.