Three Things to Consider Before Building a Website.

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When considering a new business website, it’s important to understand some of the elements that go into building a great, and useful, website: Branding, Content and Usability


When you’re looking to build a new business website, the goal should be to bolster and expand your relationships with prospects and clients.

A great business website must be recognized as part of your brand. It should feel familiar to you and your clients. It should have the same colors, graphics and language.

If visitors feel a disconnect between your website and the experience of doing business with you, it is off-brand, and may be off-putting.

Aside from eliciting familiarity and building trust, the reason your brand is so important is because it underlies the next two elements: content and usability.


Aside from your colors, logo and website, a large part of your brand is actually the language and content you use. When you’re building a new business website, it’s incredibly important to understand what kind of content is going on it.

People will recognize you by your logo, but they’ll remember you by your content. In order to understand and plan the right content, you and your designer need to understand your brand.

The more you understand your brand, the more specific and useful your content will be to your visitors, and for SEO. Happy visitors and attentive search engines will lead to more revenue — if you have a reasonable offer and/or know how to monetize your website.


Usability is one of the most important aspect of web design. If a website is not usable, then it is useless. The issue is that, especially for a business website, the first two elements (branding and content) will determine usability.

This is not to say that a site can’t be usable without those things, but usability should follow the brand mission and business goals. If a site is usable, but not in a way your visitors expect and engage with, then it’s quite useless to the business.

This is why we mount usability on branding and content. Your brand determines the experience your website should provide, and the content determines the flow of that experience. After that, we need to make sure that the experience we’re planning is user-friendly, performs well, and guides people to a specific goal on the page.

In Closing

This is why building a website isn’t as simple as it may seem. It’s important that whoever creates your website understands your brand and business goals.

Sure, anyone can purchase a WordPress theme, or go to WIX and load a template and create what is often a terrible website. This method sure keeps costs down and a sense of independence high, but the downfall is that your website is less useful and profitable than it can be — sometimes far less so.

We’ve gone into the math in the past, but in simple terms: A website that accounts for branding, content and usability, from the ground up, will have a higher upfront cost, but can yield much better results if you’re serious about your business.

If, on the other hand, you’re not really building a business. If it’s just a hobby or side-hustle, then, sure, you probably don’t need something like this right away, but you will if you plan on taking it seriously in the future.


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